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024 Karina - Girls


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Say hello to our bestseller! This model was originally designed for a former world champion and current Brand Ambassador, Karina Smirnoff, who is now often seen on ABC's hit show, "Dancing With The Stars". Over the years this shoe has become the choice of most professional dancers worldwide, and it is now available as a kids version with a 3cm Heel or a 4cm Cuban heel! Get it in either classic Dark Tan Satin or White Leather. Just like all other styles, Karina is completely customizable. Keep in mind the option of the Square Toe for kids with a wider toe box.

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  • 17CM
  • 18.5cm
  • 19cm
  • 19.5cm
  • 20cm
  • 20.5CM
  • 21CM
  • 21.5CM
  • 22CM
  • 22.5CM
  • 23CM
  • 23.5CM
  • 24CM
  • 24.5CM

  • 3CM
  • Kitten Heel ($+10.00)

  • Narrow ($+10.00)
  • Regular
  • Wide ($+10.00)
  • Double Wide ($+15.00)
  • Triple Wide ($+20.00)

  • Square
  • Round


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